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Graphic Art Vs Graphic Design

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Graphic Art Vs Graphic Design

Still images are used and manipulated by graphic designers, either in digital or print format, for posters, business cards, stationery design and so on. The moment movement is involved, the work is referred to as motion graphics and is no longer a part of graphic design. That is when graphic art becomes known.

Main Differences Between Graphic Design & Graphic Art

The play of emotion and sentiment is a defining characteristic of all forms of art. A graphic artist in particular attempts to reveal a deeper insight into the mind of their audience by evoking an emotional reaction from the viewer. A graphic artist has the freedom to use as many mediums as they like. The work of a graphic artist includes illustrations, vector art, animations and cartoons.

Graphic design is a solution-finding process. Creating an end product that meets the needs of the users is a methodical and data-driven process. It is the responsibility of Graphic Designers to bring visual components to communication problems. They use logical reasoning and the art of designing to compel the viewer to take action. Typography, colours, styles, imagery, composition, and more are all essential skills for graphic designers.

Art Vs. Design Conclusion

The fundamental difference between graphic art vs graphic design is that graphic design focuses on creating content in response to customers’ needs, whereas graphic art is primarily focused on expressing ideas and emotions. With the above being said, there are similarities between the two and they include executing their work through visuals and working in both digital and print format.

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