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Motion Graphics

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Motion Designer

Content consumption has evolved quite drastically over the years. We have gravitated towards supplementing our graphics with motion, audio, and in some cases, a storyline. At Parallel Universe, we strive to provide you with quality graphic animation that has varied applications.

We value teamwork at Parallel Universe, you can be sure that every motion designer that is working on your project has all the support and resources they need to deliver quality and exceptional work. We also engage and include our clients throughout the process, from inception to actualisation.

Our team of qualified motion graphic designers is on standby to deliver on your projects depending on your needs. Whether it’s a flat animation or 3D motion graphics project, we’ve got you covered.

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We would love to hear about your new graphic animation design projects. We are happy to discuss the scope, lead times, and costs that are likely to be associated with your project. The costs will feature some ballpark figures, which is something we would be glad to go over. Contact us today to get answers to all your motion graphics related questions and even get a free, no-obligation quotation.

Professional Team of Designers

At Parallel Universe, we emphasise quality and professionalism, which is reflected by our team of highly qualified designers. We have also established a creative work culture that encourages our designers to think outside the box to deliver excellent services that elevate your brand, setting you apart from your competition.

Quality, Variety, and End-To-End Services

At Parallel Universe, we strive to give you quality over quantity. We make sure that our work speaks for itself and speaks for your brand as well.

We can write, design and produce your motion graphics videos in various unique styles that fit the brief and your brand.

We pay close attention to every one of our projects to make sure that we nail the brief as per your instruction. We also consider your target audience before we start working on your project, to make sure that the final product fits them impeccably.

We ensure that you are in communication with any motion designer working on your project for the best results.

Client Reviews

What Our Clients Say

The team at Parallel Universe nailed our video concept. We explained what we needed for our marketing campaign and they surpassed our expectations. They understood our vision and gave us an excellent end-product. Kudos to the team!
Agnes W.
Quality work
I simply asked for a modern animation to help me reach a much younger audience. They took the concept and ran with it! The animation was excellent, and the feedback I'm getting is amazing.
Edward K.
Modern design
Working with Parallel Universe can be summed up as a well managed and professional experience. Every step of the way was smooth and thought out. Of course, I loved the finished product and look forward to working with them once again.
Jimmy K.
Professional team

Motion designer

An award-winning team of experts and great storytellers

One of the keys to great brand identity is the brand’s story. Parallel Universe tells your story through motion graphics to convey your message the best way possible.

Not only does our team humanise your brand, but we also ensure that our videos promote your brand, all while educating your audience effectively.

Quality motion graphics go a long way in terms of retaining your existing clients as well as attaining new ones. We utilise and follow all design principles, add a dash of creativity from our team members to ensure that we deliver your projects professionally. We would love to hear about your projects, get in touch with us today.

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