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What Does A Digital Designer Do?

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We come across elements of digital design throughout our daily lives, whether we are browsing the internet or looking at a billboard. Chances are anything that we interact with visually passed through the hands of a digital designer. With that said, we can define a digital designer’s work as creating, producing, and managing digital design solutions for several applications.

Our digital designers at Parallel Universe incorporate their technical know-how with their creative dexterity to bring visual effects to life. We have a vast team of digital designers that have specialised in different key areas involving digital design.

What Are Some Characteristics Of Good Digital Designers?

One of the most important characteristics of good digital designers is having great communication skills. Our digital designers ensure efficient communication with both their team members as well as you, the client. This ensures the smooth running and proper delivery of your projects according to your brief.

Good digital designers are also constantly learning. Design trends change, disappear and reappear over time. It is the job of a good digital designer to keep up with these trends to determine when and how to use them effectively.

Digital Designer Tools

Just like a farmer with his hoe or sickle, digital designers require the relevant tools so that they may execute their design work. These include:

  • Adobe Photoshop – For photomanipulation, image editing and creating compositions among others.
  • Adobe Illustrator – For vector-based designs and drawings.
  • Adobe InDesign – For designing flyers, magazines, business cards and posters among others.
  • Adobe After Effects – For creating motion graphics and adding visual effects to videos.

Hire A Digital Designer Today

Every digital designer at Parallel Universe is well-versed in one or more of the above-mentioned “tools” or software. Each one also possesses the qualities that make up a great digital artist, you can be assured of a smooth experience and quality projects.

Searching for the perfect digital designer can prove to be quite the hustle. We make that job easier for you at Parallel Universe by bringing you the cream of the crop. Our digital designers will execute your brief to the tee, and you can be assured that we won’t be satisfied unless you are.