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What Should Be In A Motion Graphics Reel

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Motion graphics reel

Most beginner and expert Mograph designers often ask the same question, ”what should be in a motion graphics reel?” But first and foremost, we should understand what the reel in question is and its importance in video content creation. Motion reels or showreels are short videos showcasing previous work done. It is used by filmmakers, actors, models, designers, editors and other creatives.

How Do You Make A Motion Graphics Reel?

The secret to making a motion graphics reel is in having a firm understanding of your work and the aspects that stand out the most. The ideal length of a demo reel is 1 minute and should never exceed 2 minutes. It should also only include work you are immensely proud of and only the best bits.

Always put your best work first. It takes the viewer a few seconds to decide whether or not you are the best person for the job. Use creative and unintrusive music as the background sound. Always have a title card at the beginning and end of the reel and ensure that you polish your work.

What Happens After?

Once you have completed your motion graphics reel, it’s time to choose where you will be uploading your video. Currently, the most common platforms for video content sharing are Vimeo and YouTube. Vimeo is made for creators to share their craft, while YouTube has a much larger audience. Although you alone have to decide on what platform meets your needs, Vimeo is a far better choice for creators.

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